The Athlete Development Program works in conjunction with our three other Development Programs to help you become an IDEAL version of yourself. The lessons you learn in your ADP Training will carry over into your Performance Development Training as well as your mindset in your Leadership Development Training. Additionally, take advantage of our Nutrition Development Programs to optimize your effectiveness on the field or court.


IDEAL Performance Athlete Development Program offers focused and individualized training for Athletes who participate in the sport of soccer.  All of our staff are licensed individuals with experience coaching at many ability levels, ages, and genders. Currently, our soccer coaching is focused on the position of Goalkeeper as all of our coaches are experts in that position.  We are excited to be pursuing opportunities to find staff to work with traditional outfield players on the technical abilities. All sessions are small group based and boast a 8:1 or 12:1 player to coach ratio depending on facility size.  Private one on one sessions are available upon request depending on location. If you are looking to improve your performance on the soccer pitch or in the net, IDEAL Performance is the place to work!


IDEAL Performance Athlete Development Program is proud to offer American Football Training. We offer position-specific technique and scheme development. Both on field and classrooms/film sessions are available. Currently, we boast a former division one college football player that offers Kicking, Punting and Long Snapping training. We are working to grow our staff to have the ability to cover every position, as well as group (QB/WR, OL/DL etc.) sessions. All training is flexible to the needs of the client and will use all coaching methods to best develop young American football players.

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