The leadership development program is focused on developing people’s social and individual interactions. This personal development is geared towards growth of the individual and mentoring them through current and future situations. Leaders are not born, they are developed through focused open mindedness, reflection and exposure to situations of both success and failure. The Leadership Development Program will utilize resources to help all members grow in the areas of leadership and personal development. Resources could be, but are not limited to: Literature, media, research, forums, conferences, public speakers, and many more. It is important that those who run and facilitate the Leadership Development Program have a commitment to serving their members by providing access to trusted mentors and role models.

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The Molly Grisham Leadership Experience

The Leadership Experience is a program developed by Molly Grisham and will be divided into two categories;  Preview Programs will be 1-2 day events, which IDEAL Performance will be hosting and The Main Event will be a week-long residential program and will launch in St. Louis in 2020. The Preview Programs will include a sample of the programs Touchstones while The Main Event will include all six of the Touchstones.  To learn more about Molly Grisham click the button below.

The Preview Program that we will be hosting with Molly is going to be on November 16th in Waunakee Wisconsin.  This event is open to all high school athletes, ANY SPORT.  Lunch will be provided and the event will focus on experiences specific to high school athletes.  We look forward to working with you all!  Make sure to invite your teammates and friends in other sports!

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more leadership classes coming soon…

more leadership classes coming soon

Speed & Agility: Sport Specific

Coach Alex is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and depending on your situation can help transform or fine tune your body to become to athlete you aspire to be. Types of sessions include speed & agility and aerobic fitness training. Soccer-Specific conditioning sessions also available.