The nutrition development program is geared towards healthy living and lifestyle. Programs can be used to help an athlete gain weight, lose weight, tone up or bulk up; as well as help non-athletes diet and exercise to improve their personal health. Education about healthy eating habits, nutrition information and proper daily habits will be a large part. The program is not only designed to compliment the Athlete Development Program and Personal Development Program above, but also stand alone for non-athletes.


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Nutrition Philosophy:

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3 Month Package

$375 ($455 value)

As with anything, practice helps make progress.  The three month package is designed for those who understand and respect the fact that real change takes time. New habits are not formed overnight, so this option allows for the serious athlete to check-in monthly, modify the meal plan, tweak goals, and get consistent feedback so that they are always on top of your game.
60 Minute Initial Assessment
Customized Meal Plan
Monthly Follow-Ups (3 total)
Text/Email Correspondence

Custom Meal Plan

$99 one time fee.

You are ready to take your performance to the next level.  This 60-minute consult is designed specifically around you and your goals.  Together, you and the Dietitian will create a customized meal plan, explore individual barriers, and build a rock-solid mindset to help you get the most out of your efforts when it’s time to hit the field.  Meet with the Dietitian for your consult via phone, video session or in person (Madison WI Only)

30 min Follow-up

$65 one time fee.

As your goals change, so must your nutrition.  This 30-minute follow-up is for those who want to check-in, as needed, to help stay accountable and/or when you are ready to modify your meal plan goals.  Meet with the Dietitian for your follow-up via phone or video session.

Body Composition Analysis

$65 one time fee.

Find out what you really are made of! This is a great tool for local players to take advantage of if you really want to track their progress off the field.  This analysis will allow you to see changes in your body fat, lean muscle, and overall cellular health as you are changing up your nutrition game. Body Composition Analysis must take place on site and in person.  

Initial Assessment

$125 one time fee.

This 60-minute consult is your chance to get your nutrition questions answered, so you can start moving in the right direction.  Meet with Tami for your consult via phone or video session. 
Once you sign up, Tami will reach out to you to schedule your consult.

Customized Team Workshop

(Individual and Group Rates Available)

Team Workshops are a chance for athletes to come together and get hands-on nutrition education.  These workshops can be customized based on the players needs for on or off the field. Examples include: Pre-& Post Game Nutrition, Nutrition Off the Field, Kitchen Skills, etc…

Grocery Shopping Tour

(Individual and Group Rates Available)

Grocery shopping can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to find what you need. With endless options and temptations, that may not serve your goals, it is important to go into a grocery store with a purpose and a plan.

College Nutrition Prep

(Individual and Group Rates Available)

Being on your own can be exciting, but it can also feel overwhelming.  This course will help you be proactive when it comes to being responsible for your own nutrition.  Learn how to stock your dorm room, navigate the dining hall, and eat nutritionally off a college student budget.

Family Nutrition Match

(Individual and Group Rates Available)

What is good for the athlete, is good for the entire family.  Making changes is easier when everyone is following the same game plan. This hands-on workshop will allow families to learn together so they can create a game plan that works for everyone on the team.


Tami Schiltz

Registered Dietitian

Tami Schiltz grew up playing sports. Her love for being active led her into getting her bachelor’s degree from UW-La Crosse in Exercise & Sport Science. After struggling with body image, periods of undereating and then overeating – which led to her 40-pound weight gain in college, Tami knew that she couldn’t exercise her way out of her eating behaviors. She went on to get her master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition and became a Registered Dietitian. Tami is incredibly passionate about helping people of all ages feel and perform their best, but definitely has a soft spot for empowering student athletes and teens through nutrition education.