The leadership development program is focused on developing people’s social and individual interactions. This personal development is geared towards growth of the individual and mentoring them through current and future situations. Leaders are not born, they are developed through focused open mindedness, reflection and exposure to situations of both success and failure. The Leadership Development Program will utilize resources to help all members grow in the areas of leadership and personal development. Resources could be, but are not limited to: Literature, media, research, forums, conferences, public speakers, and many more. It is important that those who run and facilitate the Leadership Development Program have a commitment to serving their members by providing access to trusted mentors and role models.

The Last Percent

Learning to Win with the Last Percent

Accessing and refining the mental components that go into an IDEAL Performance

Clients can work with the performance coach in individual and/or group formats to learn a variety of skills to utilize in practice and competition to develop their mental fortitude and enhance their overall performance to give themselves an edge over the competition. Over the course of the last few decades professional, collegiate, and athletic programs have recognized the value of performance psychology and have added experts in the field to their staff to hone in on an athlete’s mental preparation to enhance their performances. As a result, a plethora of empirical research has helped guide the techniques and skills that will be taught in individual and group training sessions to access and refine the mental components that go into an IDEAL performance.

Skills such as:
1. Setting goals
2. Forming habits
3. Identity development
4. Effective self-talk
5. Managing performance anxiety
6. Managing adversity
7. Education around our mental processes

Athlete’s will learn to incorporate these skills into their training sessions to get more out of themselves at each practice and competition. By utilizing skills to maintain consistent mental preparation for a competition, focusing on the present, and focusing on what is within our control we are able to push through mental fatigue to access more of our abilities and win the last percent.

Lastly, the most important aspect of training sessions and practice is that they do the best to resemble the intensity and mind set of a competition. While the skills will be taught in a classroom setting at the start, the program’s aim is to develop into real time mental skill training in practice and competition.


Who am I?

 I am a former division one athlete at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, where I competed as a decathlete in track and field. During my time at Madison, I graduated with a bachelor of science in psychology, afterwards I went on to complete my master program in clinical mental health counseling at Valparaiso University. Currently, I am working towards my full license as a mental health counselor in the state of Wisconsin as well as working towards obtaining my certificate as a Certified Mental Performance Consultant. From each domain of mental health, I have applied practical skills and techniques to athletes in practice and competition as an assistant coach at Valparaiso for two years and currently with athletes at Edgewood university.

Please contact us with any questions around the program Email: soy.smith10@gmail.com Phone: (608) 498-2344

more leadership classes coming soon…

more leadership classes coming soon

Speed & Agility: Sport Specific

Coach Alex is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and depending on your situation can help transform or fine tune your body to become to athlete you aspire to be. Types of sessions include speed & agility and aerobic fitness training. Soccer-Specific conditioning sessions also available.