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Winter Goalkeeper Sessions OPEN

Registration for Winter  Sessions are now open!  Sign Up.  Masks will be required.

Training for your Mind

We will now be offering performance coaching for the mental side of athletics! 

Our program, "The Last Percent" is now taking registrations!

about us

IDEAL-Performance is an organization committed to helping clients achieve their own personal ideal performance. We do this by developing people in a way that helps them achieve their goals through four different, but complementary, development programs. Often this is in athletics, however our clients are not all athletes, nor do they need to be.

IDEAL-Performance utilizes a common understanding of athletics and competition as a foundation for fostering personal growth and development in current, former, and non-athletes. At the end of the day, people are always growing and learning to better themselves and those around them. Our four development programs can help individuals perform better every day both physically and mentally. Focusing on physical performance, mental performance and healthy living, our clients will have the tools they need to succeed in whatever challenge they face.

development programs

The goal of IDEAL-Performance is for our clients to have access to each of our below Development Programs for a complete performance overhaul. These programs are designed to complement each other and all offer a common message. Their purpose is to develop our clients in ways that prepare them to tackle whatever adversity they face. Athlete Development is focused on sport specific training geared towards improving the technical capabilities of our clients where they compete. Performance Development is designed to improve the speed, agility, strength, conditioning and quickness of our clients. Physical activity and fitness is one of the important cornerstones to a healthy lifestyle. The other corner stone to a healthy lifestyle is proper nutrition education. Nutrition Development is offered to all of our clients as a forum for Nutrition Coaching and Education. Our licensed Nutritionist will work directly with each client to personalize their Nutrition experience. Last, but probably most importantly, Leadership Development is offered for all of our clients to have a connection where they can explore and expand their personal development. Our clients will have opportunities to broaden their awareness to different perspectives and will learn what techniques they can use to overcome challenges and adversity. The Leadership Development Program is also an open door for our clients to take advantage of our staff and their connections to develop mentor relationships. However you are looking to improve yourself, each and every one of our programs can help you take one step closer to becoming the IDEAL You.