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IDEAL-Performance is an organization committed to helping clients achieve their own personal ideal performance. We do this by developing people in a way that helps them achieve their goals through four different, but complementary, development programs. Often this is in athletics, however our clients are not all athletes, nor do they need to be. IDEAL-Performance utilizes a common understanding of athletics and competition as a foundation for fostering personal growth and development in current, former, and non-athletes. At the end of the day, people are always growing and learning to better themselves and those around them. Our four development programs can help individuals perform better every day both physically and mentally. Focusing on physical performance, mental performance and healthy living, our clients will have the tools they need to succeed in whatever challenge they face.

We are in the business of developing people. By using the passion and determination inherent in athletics, IDEAL-Performance will maximize client potential both where they compete and in their lives. Our passion and commitments are to the personal and individual development of our clients so that they can become leaders of character and have a successful future in their lives and careers. Through our focused development programs, our clients will completely overhaul their lifestyles. We aim to give them the tools to make quality choices in the areas of Nutrition, Performance Training, Sport Specific Training, and Social Interaction. By offering our clients access to our entire network of program directors, we are confident that they will not only improve in their physical lives, but also in their mental abilities as contributing members of a team and society.


At IDEAL-Performance we cultivate a healthy lifestyle through Individual Development both on and off the field, court or anywhere our clients perform. We provide excellent athletics and performance training while fostering leadership and character growth in each of our clients. It is our belief that developing a person in these ways strengthens a sustainable future for our clients.


To use athletics as a foundation for creating a network of high quality, strong character individuals who use the IDEAL-Performance tools to be, and to develop, tomorrow’s leaders.

core values

At IDEAL-Performance we strive to demonstrate and provide our clients with the best possible service through our core values of Integrity, Dedication, Excellence, Action and Leadership. These are our IDEALs.

Integrity: We promise to provide our clients with the best possible service each and every day. When we do not have the answer or are not the best resource, we will help our customer find it. 

Dedication: New or Old, Experienced or Green, we promise to dedicate our abilities to our client’s needs.

Excellence: We operate with pride, honesty, fairness and respect.

Action: As competitors, we are committed to results for our clients and ourselves.

Leadership: Leaders developing leaders to foster safe and productive working environments where our team members are our most valuable asset.

our staff

Jameson Kronsor

Founder & Owner

In 2013, Wisconsin native Jameson Kronser founded and started a Goalkeeper Specific training academy, Kronser Keeper Academy (KKA), in his final semester at University Wisconsin – Madison where he played as a walk on Goalkeeper for three years. Growing up just south of Madison, there was very little goalkeeper specific training available to develop the skills needed to become a collegiate goalkeeper. After a year of helping local goalkeepers, he decided to put the KKA name to the individual goalkeeper training sessions he had been hosting in the community. Five years later, KKA stood out as the only professional service for training goalkeepers in the southern Wisconsin area and proudly placed over a dozen goalkeepers into college programs.

Dan Gage

Goalkeeper Coach

Dan is currently a goalkeeper coach for Madison 56ers as well as Madison Futsal Forge. He brings a large amount of coaching and playing experience with him, totaling 20+ years of coaching and a college career at UW-Oshkosh where he helped the team to an NCAA Final Four. Many of the coaches Dan has worked alongside and been mentored by are coaches that I personally know well and speak highly of Dan.

Travis Meikle

Goalkeeper Coach

Travis is a great local asset and coach for goalkeepers. He has excellent playing experience both from his Prep days as well as his four year career at UW-Green Bay. The time spent playing for the NCAA top division of soccer not only provided Travis with great situational and tactical experience but also countless hours of exposure to top level technical training. Now settled back in the area and into his career, Travis is looking to pass on his experience and knowledge of the position to local youth goalkeepers. We are very fortunate and excited to have Travis working with our goalkeepers and look forward to their improvement from his involvement.

Zach Zweifel

Performance Coach

A former Al Toon Award winner (Best Senior Wide Receiver in Wisconsin), Zach shined as a first-team all-conference and all-area athlete in football, basketball, and baseball. During his final year at Monona Grove High School, Zach competed in both the WFCA and WBCA All-Star games and was able to earn a scholarship to the University of Minnesota-Duluth for football. In addition, Zach went on to play as an all-conference receiver in Minnesota for four years and currently sits at number 3 for all-time career receptions in school history. Following his years as a player Zach remained in Duluth for an additional year to serve as a wide receiver coach and assistant recruiting coordinator for the Bulldogs while finishing his degree in Exercise Science.

Paul Zweifel

Strength Coach

Paul earned a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from UW-Milwaukee and immediately began working with athletes. After practicing, studying, and researching the latest advances in sports performance, Paul opened Total Athlete Performance with his brother in 2016. Paul is one of the most sought after strength coaches in the Madison area for his ability to use his passion to help athletes maximize their full potential in sport and in life. Utilizing a joint-by-joint assessment and analyzing movement patterns, Paul always takes the extra step to correct, adjust, and educate his clients. He considers himself a lifelong student, and through his varied experiences he continually seeks new and more effective ways to train his athletes.

Eric Steffes

Strength & Conditioning Coach

At St. Mary Springs Academy, Eric excelled as a three sport athlete earning multiple all-conference honors in baseball and all-state honors in football and hockey. He ended up playing football at UW and was a four-time letter winner. Off the field, Eric excelled in the classroom and was Academic All-Big Ten all four years of his career, was a two-time Big Ten Distinguished Scholar, and received the Ivan B. Williamson Scholastic Award as a senior. He graduated with a degree in Exercise Movement Science and a master’s degree in Kinesiology. After his collegiate football career at Wisconsin, Eric spent a very brief stint in the NFL with the Cleveland Browns and played football professionally in Europe. He has now moved on from football to begin his career in Strength and Conditioning.

Alex Hofstetter

Technical Coach; Soccer

Alex is a long awaited addition to our staff. After coming up through Kronser Keeper Academy as a youth goalkeeper in Verona WI, Alex went on to play his days at Loras College in Iowa, a DIII National Powerhouse. While at Loras, Alex spent his summers coaching for the UW-Madison Soccer camps which opened the door for him to finish his schooling at Loras as an Assistant coach for the 2018/19 season. Alex completed a Major in Kinesiology and Pre-Physical Therapy from Loras in May 2019 and is preparing to take is Certification to become a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). Alex will be working both with Goalkeepers and Outfield players for IDEAL Performance.

“I personally am excited to finally have Alex on staff. He has always been a strong leader both as a player and as a coach. I have watched him develop over the years and he has coached for and with some very respected colleagues of mine. Now that he is back in Madison, we are very fortunate to have him joining us.” – Jameson Kronser, Founder & Owner

Ryan Berger

Goalkeeper Coach

Ryan joins us as a young and talented goalkeeper coach in the Milwaukee Wisconsin area. After playing in the National Premier League, Ryan went on to play Division I Collegiate Soccer for the UW Milwaukee Panthers in the Horizon League. Ryan is transitioning from playing into coaching and already boasts a strong resume. After working with several local clubs, high schools, and colleges, Ryan has settled into a role with FC Wisconsin as their youth goalkeeper coach.

We are very excited to have Coach Berger with us in Milwaukee to provide goalkeeper training to the IDEAL Performance Goalkeepers in that area. His character and professionalism speak for themselves and there is no doubt when it comes to his experience and understanding of the game and position. We are very fortunate to have him on board and look forward to the impact he will make on our Milwaukee Goalkeepers.


Dear Member,

#teamonemore…It is on our backs, it is in our social media, it is who we are; but you may not know the origin and why it is all of these things, so here is an explanation. It began with Goalkeepers in the sport of soccer and grew into a mindset for high performing individuals inside and outside of sports. Below is the story of the origin, I hope it inspires you to begin your development journey with us.

My first year experiencing Camp Shutout was in 2013 right before starting Kronser Keeper Academy which has now grown and evolved into IDEAL Performance. For those of you that do not know what Camp Shutout is, please look into it or contact me directly for specifics. It is life changing as you will see if you continue reading. I was a senior at UW-Madison and thus a Staff Assistant at Camp. As collegiate athletes just weeks before preseason, the staff assistants were fortunate enough to have world class Staff members willing to wake up early and hold extra training sessions before we all had to get to work for the day.

One particular session was focused on extension diving. A session that is physically demanding and taxing on the body. There were well over a dozen of us staff assistants participating, all from different teams, conferences, and divisions. This made for an amazing environment to train in. We all pushed each other and cheered each other on. And worked hard for each other. With each activity, the coach found he needed to limit the group to fewer reps because we all would refuse to stop. Each player kept saying “one more!” we all wanted to get better. We all wanted to finish on a higher note. Not one person wanted to stop working at getting better.

Naturally the session went much longer than it was intended and when we did finally finish, we grouped together to break out. Mind you this is not a team that has been together every day for years. It’s a group of people that get to see each other one week a year and the faces are always changing. But here we were. Bonded into a family in a circle hands up and together in the middle. I forget who said it, but as soon as we huddled together “Team One More on 3, 1-2-3- Team One More”

Since that morning this group has been in constant contact and truly has become a family. My approach to being in a training session or running a training session has become built around that experience and the mentality of that group. The goalkeepers within this Academy know not to finish an activity unless it’s a save or rather an excellent save. They won’t stop a training or take their gloves off without One More Save. It’s become more than a name. It’s a standard. A mentality. A personality. And a part of who we are at Kronser Keeper Academy.

My request of you all is to take it upon yourself to experience this mentality. Take part in one of our Development Programs. Have an open mind to those around you and embrace the competitive spirit. Let this Team One More mentality fuel and motivate you through every challenge in life. Feel the family, the motivation, and the energy we feel. Join us.

– Jameson Kronser
Owner and Director of IDEAL Performance LLC

alumni &

  • “Camp Shutout is very happy to be fully associated with Jameson Kronser and IDEAL Performance. For years Jameson and our group have trained countless GK’s and aided them in reaching their potential. Join IDEAL if you are in search of bettering yourself!”

    – Stan Anderson, Owner of Camp Shutout